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 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews

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PostSubject: 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews   2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews Icon_minitimeMon Jan 25, 2010 6:46 pm

lezario wrote:
1. PURPLE ?!
Yes, Walter, Peter will wear your tuxedo one day...... in your dreams.
"Either that or flying lessons"

2. "Do you think she'll call me dad ?" "Doesn't she look lovely ?!" "She's
right what you need, someone who can see right through you"...... 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews 90503
Walter = 1st shipper ever.
"It may happen sooner than you think." IT BETTER ! 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews 815536

3. And YES, she can. "You didn't sell Walter's books for money, did you ?"
Of course he did not. Everybody knew he hadn't done it for money.
She reads him. 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews 90503

"You look lovely Agent Dunham."

4. "God rests her soul", so, either she's really dead, either Walter doesn't remember that she is safe on the other side.

5. I RECOGNIZED THIS ************ ! This and the ************ were the Next episode Clues !!!
I had caught them in What Lies Below, wondering if they could mean anything, and yes, they did ! HAHA !
You can also find these caps in the 2x12.

6. About that "guy"..... could that be an "bad" Observer ?
If you look at one of the Behind the scene of the Arrival, you can see
that the guy, John Mosley who kidnapped Peter, tortured him to know
where the beacon was, well that guy was BALD.
So.... could there be two sides ? Two kind of Observers ?

This one had hair, but.... just a thought.
Or.. "Observers" and "Modifiers" Those who preserve/observe and those who want to change things ?

7. The sea horse ! AhaH ! Das Seepferdchen !
It's also a cool restaurant in Hamburg. smile

8. A lot of clues and "little things" to notice. Will post them either now, or when I'll came back from school. smile

9. Walter angry at Peter. I'm feeling that Walter had hidden something in
these father's books/work. Maybe something about Peter ?
So it would safe with the toxin formula ?
Anyway..... this little discussions, thanks goodness, will soon come to an end.
Revelation. Next episode.

10. As I said before, -though I need to verify this information- Walter was born two years after his father died.....
So what is it about Robert Bishop ?
First Walter buried the beacon in its grave, and Peter being told that "it is a shame he never met him."

I'm sure the german guy and John Mosley are linked.

Finally, A little treat before all the other clues !
2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews 213observer.th


Elliot wrote:
They have said that 'the breaking of Peter's relationship with his mother is what broke him'. I think she is dead, Walter's knowledge of her being on the other side would make him nervous to even speak of her since he knows Peter's going to find out all about things soon, he can see it's unravelling. Plus, too much dwelling on extra characters (all their parents...gah) would distract from the essential parent-child storyline, Walter and Peter.

I almost got the feeling that Walter already knows Peter and Olivia will
marry! That bit about 'sooner than you might think'...plus, after the jokey 'you look lovely' line, Peter does linger looking at her while the dialogue goes on ahead.

It was heartbreaking stuff, seeing Walter so easily blame Peter for those deaths. And the parallel was so clear and obvious (Walter having to clean up after his father's mess, the way Peter has been since he was a teenager and especially now days)--that even Walter should have seen it. But when they knew the formula hadn't come from the books, he didn't apologize, nor at the
end, either.

---niggling detail: The compound would be strongly almond scented, not cinnamon.

Bookstore scene was great! All the subcurrents there; P/O, teasing about P/O,
more fragments of Peter's past... makes you wonder what else Markham
knows. He will be a ressource for them again, I am sure.

And poor Peter trying to make amends--this was beautifully done. Josh is
really fine at these emotionally charged scenes. The whole episode was
very well done in depicting his troubled relationship with Walter, and his chaotic tumble through life. Father loves you-hates you-loves you-hurts you...no wonder he's messed up. Let alone the other thing...

The Nazi guy is human (and I don't believe the Observers are). Walter's DNA
work would have revealed if he wasn't human. He did say the guy tested at over 100 years old; and he was working in that lab in Berlin, not ghosting past as an Observer. So-------while he might be an Observer, I don't think he was. But there was lots of stuff in those books Walter clearly feared.

Wild guess: so, Robert Bischoff was a spy for the allies, a double agent in Hitler's Germany; is this a hint of a new assignment for Peter Bishop coming up soon?

(Side note: really bad image of "Robert Bischoff"! 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews 141241 )

Semi-side note: Peter's origin in the other place cannot be the only 'odd' thing
about him, that wouldn't be enough to start that kind of war over. So there's got to be more to him, and also to the war. The physical action of getting Peter might have engendered the soft spots, etc., but that's not an ability: "You have no idea what you're capable of" means Peter is actually capable of something very unusual. And it's not simply sensing folks from over there or having an acute sense of smell.
Nor even of passing from one world to another easily, which we also surmise he can do; that wouldn't be an ability Walter would twit Peter about in relation to brief empty encounters.

(From Safe:
Quote :
WALTER: What I said before - didn't come out as I intended.
PETER: What, the crack about the breasts?
WALTER: No, about my disappointment in you. It has more to do with your potential than anything else. You have no idea what you're capable of Peter.
PETER: That's sweet, Walter, but ultimately unfair - especially coming from you.

That was an odd scene at the end with Walter and Olivia... sounded like a
warning and a semi-confession at the same time, and he was looking
longingly at Peter while he was telling Olivia. "There's nothing I wouldn't do." And she seemed to understand... of course she had tried to kill her mother's abuser, so she probably does.

All in all, an extremely well done episode. Powerful acting, directing and
story... excellent detective story, all of it. I so much hope they get their full six years.


Cathy904 wrote:
I wrote notes the second time around, it's nice to
watch everything in one sitting, then go back and jot down this or
that. Although Charlie Had to Chime in at one point, "Are you writing
EVERYTHING down?" 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews 815536 Wiseguy. 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews 815536

"Did I ever tell you about our wedding, Peter? Your mother, God Rest Her Soul....."

Mom deceased, finally some confirmation on that. I narrowed my eyes at
Walter's "Do you think Agent Dunham will call me Dad?" Those Teases! 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews 815536

It was terribly creepy to realize the victims were Jewish descent, and the
direct descendants of the Holocaust survivior who recognized the man at
the door. This is where my mild manner husband speaks up saying the
numbers were done in blue and her number would have been more faded
with time. Nazi's used to give him nightmares as a boy in the 50's, so
I chalk it up to that and go back to the show.

The P/O matching peacoats are back, YEA! grins I"ve missed you, matching peacoats!

The cinnamon candle, go Peter!

Astrid and Walter's conversation talking about how all the people were direct
descendants, except for one whom Astrid suspected was illegitimate. The
mother of the groom, perhaps?
Not important, but funny for an otherwise macabre conversation.

"Ostrich", a new one! 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews 815536

Walter trying the inhaler, as Astrid startles.

Creepy blonde guy and the little girl in the coffee shop, I loved the look on her face as she watches the smell waft into the air.

Walter showed off his "Clap on, clap off" on the projection screen, a very cute moment to help offset the shocking signature on the molecule.

At first it was a tail, then I looked, and as they said it, I went, "OMG, it's the seahorse!" I Loved it!

We were just talking about Robert Bishop the other day, first time I'd
brought his name up in a long time, I'm really glad I didn't know this
episode would be about him. It's really true he died 2 years before
Walter was born? Lez pointed that out to me. That, and the unmistakable
references to how much Peter looks like his grandfather. It will be
interesting to have explanations about that.

The books, selling them to spite his dad. Everytime they argue now I get a little apprehensive. Everyone wonders what THE conversation is going to be

Markham! Hi! Missed you!

"Great. More bad news." I Love when Walter uses his lower register, analytical voice. The Combination of being able to destroy different physical traits together sounds very plausible.
The Fringe Science was off the hook this week, really good. And icky.

I got to laugh second time around when Mr. Cathy jumped at the New Dispersal Container.That was pretty funny!

Mr. Creepy's lab making Walter's lab look downright homey. It certainly
did. And it was also spooky as he heard footsteps through his house
above him.

Walter's resolve on his face as he narrowly escapes death, comes back down to the basement, removes his mask and picks up the 'gun'.

It was Awesome, the way Walter targeted the murderer. "Try to Kill ME, and I Will Try to Kill You BACK." Excellent, Walter!

Rained-on Peter made him look strangely vulnerable with books in hand to make up with Walter.

Only One More Show, I thought I had Two More. Now I'll go back and see what you guys thought. Excellent Episode!

2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe1351 2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe13822x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe13262x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe11282x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe11162x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe961
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2x13 "The Bishop Revival" - WFZ Reviews
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