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 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews

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PostSubject: 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews   2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews Icon_minitimeTue Feb 09, 2010 7:55 pm

Cathy904 wrote:
Olivia was pretty stressed out for this show.
Remembering she is still my favorite character, she was on the ropes. Hair was obviously in a pretty but utilitarian ponytail. Lack of sleep, like in "Bad Dreams".

I've given Peter all kinds of grief for not letting go how difficult his childhood was, apparently now it's time, if I could, tell Olivia, "You have to find a way to work with this, and not keep snapping at Walter because the experience is so
fresh to you."

If, somehow, they can let Walter get righteously angry with Olivia, and level the emotional balance between them, we can get back to a homeostatsis. The Team is hurting right now.

And Peter, who's so understanding now, is going to be So Not Understanding.
Unless there's some miracle. I want my two protagonists to shut the door on their adolescent rage. If the War is coming, our two soldiers are behind in their readiness. If it's going to start soon.

2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 815536 This is why I enjoyed the producers admitting they had to push up the
Interdimensional Window to last year instead of this year. I want Peter to find out, vent (hopefully not dangerously act out) and get more ready for this War.

To add drama, Mr. Cathy declared tonight that he would prefer Peter and Olivia have a nonblood related, sibling relationship instead of a romantic relationship.
Please don't hold that against him. All I can offer in defense is for all the Peter
and Fringe fans to rent Josh Jackson's "Lone Star State of Mind" he made a few years back when very young. Maybe that's a guide for possible step sibling relationships? We could go all Wagnerian! 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 815536

Elliot wrote:
Here's my first chunk of review:

I was thrilled to see Olivia confront Walter. She's finally coming into her power, & I don't mean the artificial ones foisted onto the defenseless Olive by the craven researchers WB2; her own, natural adult powers of self determination, self reliance, and reasoning beyond fear. Here's a mammoth cheer for BR: Olivia is NOT an object any more, she is a well rounded, normal human woman. Not a girl, goddess or a saint, a woman. This is so very refreshing in science fiction I can barely begin to explain it to male viewers.

She makes her own decisions now, and while she still has doubts, is strong and sure in a crisis. She sees & experiences things for what they really are, and acts accordingly. She investigates and solves strange things without flinching. She makes mistakes, fails, and sees the truth when it is shown her. She found that John had betrayed her, and dealt with it--after the drug induced visits to his memory, she tells her sister about the engagement ring: "suffice it to say, it never really happened." She can move forward when she sees the difference between what she thought her life was going to be, and what it is (and might be).

With that growth, she also gives herself the freedom to express love, not just childlike but adult, reciprocating Peter's romantic feelings for her, glossed over since the pilot. Olivia's readiness for Peter's love for her is a welcome sign of maturity and strength, both in Olivia Dunham and in science fiction tv as a genre.

Note to the fanboy crowd who idolize Olivia as a chaste savior and are horrified at the thought of Olivia and Peter as lovers: (and if you can't deal with Freud, pass on by):

lezario wrote:
1. P/O P/O P/O !
"Should I get the door ?"
"Absolutely not"

"Don't be".... I won't write all the quotes, I'm sure you already know them by heart.......

2. I LOVE BRANDON !!! 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 141419

3. Obviously Canadian school 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 815536
The yellow road, the white rabbit....
All the glyphs....

that we know what "triggered" it, I believe that Peter and Olive met
when they were kids. Peter or OP, I think OP, knowing the date (1983).
And it might be, indeed, what triggered Olivia the first time.

Hm..... if, when something comes in our universe, something else goes
over there and vice versa, ..... couldn't OP be "really" buried over there ? Or did another kid, from our universe, of the same mass as Peter, went to the other side ?

5. The end...... This is going to be a hard date -YES, it is date- for Olivia.

6. I love Olivia. She doesn't judge, even if in this episode she confronted Walter.
She was disturbed, maybe shocked, but she kept her calm.
I love that she was able to say she was scared ! Waiting that since "Momentum Deferred" >>> Peter : "I guess that if you were scared, you'd tell me"
She's the kind of girl to accept she makes mistakes and yet, she's still standing.

I LOVE those kind of womens. 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 90503
I'm tired of all the clichés (finally a french word I can use in an english sentence !) on women. You know what I'm talking about.

7. And thanks Peter, you didn't say that Olivia had a gun ! Congrats !

Quote :
Not a girl, goddess or a saint, a woman.
"Either you're a saint, or you're a witch" ~ my history/geography teacher, about how women were considered.


A lot of eastereggs... but I'm too tired to upload them tonight, I'll just do it tomorrow grins

Quote :
Cathy, we've had good discussions on her, haven't we? She has loads of potential, and it's frustrated me seeing her damped down. I think that's going to make their relationship really set the screen on fire when the two of them turn up the voltage together---the contrast.

At first, I was worried they were going to do the standard sci-fi damsel in distress thing, a disservice to women by infantilizing her. By having her accept her alteration and abuse (yup, I was the first to call it that, by the way! Last year.) as a gift, making her special. Too creepy for words, but typical tv/comic book fare.

Then with the abilitY schmear, that they were going to do a different disservice to women by making her a goddess--sexless, full of death, indestructible, inhuman. (Alias type "hero": needs no other human, and does way too much killing and kicking of men; there's another pathology we could discuss, the writers and consumers of dominatrix sci-fi porn). More comic book stuff.
That seemed to continue far too long, including making Peter a mere footnote to the story of The Glorious Olivia. Some fans got so hooked on that they still have trouble accepting BR's original premise of the three of them being equally important in the story. And yes, there's a bit of a mommy issue there.

But, wonder of wonders, they are treating Olivia as a real human woman! This role, if they let her continue this way, could be fantastic for Anna to get to inhabit for several more years. When she told Walter off, I was shouting THAT'S MY GIRL!!

And for a change, they are telling the story of children growing up and owning their own lives through the eyes of a man and a woman, Peter gets an equal storyline, they have their current work world in common, and now will discover they have both got things to work through---can help each other in different ways. So much to see them grapple with. And romance is a perfect way for them to explore the adult lives of our two heroes.

They are coming into focus now as equals, and I am glad, glad.

Cathy's recap:
Cathy904 wrote:
What an emotional show. That extra adrenaline over a season finale.

The opener, fantastic! Thank you writers!

"I told you people to take me off your contestant list." Holy cow, was that a P/O flirtation scene that just went by? "Mr. Bishop" sounds very sexy coming from Olivia.

Walter's softness at being roused, "That's wonderful. I've never won a contest before." Funny, Sweet, and, we're off!

I like Broyles onsite in the field scenes, Lance Reddick's boss to Olivia, Peter, and Walter is a terrific counterpoint.

Fused people. Walter's Quantum Tectonic description while looking at a girl's wrist inside a man's forehead, Wow! 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 790452
I had a feeling similar to when I watched the beginning of "Signs" with
Mel Gibson. I thought, maybe they could save what's left of him, but
your doppleganger's head in your abdomen is going to be a real
obstacle. They establish he's from the Other Universe.

Olivia reminds us that Newton is our nemesis, he did a Jones-like terrorist
strike to open a Window between our universe and the Other Side.

Hi, Astrid! "What am I looking for?" "Anything that doesn't belong." A Nixon silver dollar, ha.

Walter tells Peter that he and Olivia have to get back to the lab. He's forceful, so they return.

Did that MIT prank really happen?

My goodness, with Walter taking the lead, the three of them did a terrific conversation about "The Glimmer", I love the way they built the suspense.

I like the music better for this episode, I can't tell you why. But, whatever it is, keep it up!

whew, I need a break, that's a lot to absorb. A twitter brought up why
they didn't use the Patch, and I though that was a good question. But
it's all about mass balance, and the mass debt must be pain within a
couple of days, according to Walter.

I learn that Olivia was like Rebecca from earlier in the season, but too emotionally blocked out to experience the fear Walter says is required for this extra vision. I think Anna Torv's done some lovely fearful reactions, but I admit starting the scenario this way really propels the drama.

I really think they would have destroyed that burned out room Olive huddled in, but then we wouldn't get to see Olivia try to re-evoke the fear. So the only answer is electrodes, LSD, and hypnosis. Yea!!! 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 467984 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 790452

The 5/20/10 joke! The combination to the safe Walter points out that he and
Belly used. Nice shout out to the 5/20/10 season finale date. 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 815536 I read that on Twitter.

Peter played a nice, silent presence as Olivia studied and walked around the
elementary school room. Gosh, I'd only thought before it was a standard
trial. She went to school under Walter and Belly.

The Ghostly Past, beautifully illustrated by the large sheets covering the equiment room. Walter looking at himself with his old glasses, nice!. And the swing, Olivia says she has a freakishly good memory, but nothing about here. Peter replies, "Maybe that's a good thing." Amen.

Walter intones as he hooks Olivia up, 'Perception is partly an emotional response. How we feel affects the way we see the world.' He's said before, but it still sound worth paying attention to.

The fear metaphor dramatizied in the night forest scene was lovely! Writers, you rock!
Yes, I might have recognized myself as a small child, but is my conscious
mind going to let me believe it? I don't think so, right at first.

I'm look forward to Olivia moving on from being angry at Walter, just like
I used to fuss at Peter for the same thing. If they're going to work
together, Walter can't keep being rebuked and upset. Well, of course he
can, and the best is coming up with Peter.

I'm glad Olivia finally saw the tape, another dark secret to unburden. I loved the walk through the dark, cluttered school hallway. P/O scene in the burned out room, *sigh*.

I really like Brandon! Like Broyles, their timing between Brandon, Peter and Walter working, excellent.

The kiss scene, almost kiss scene. I yelled and clapped because the "Fringe" writers had yanked back before contact. 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 815536 Josh was great, the third time I watched it, I was ready to kiss him. Did ya'll, or did ya'll not, tilt your head a
little bitty bit? Nice Josh! And Anna was having to be all distraught.
I long for the moment she's not a basket case for Peter to touch her.
Great scene.

Fantastic Building Suck! 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 790452 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 790452 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 790452

Commercial, chance to slow breath down.

The last scene. It was so nice to be back at the Bishop home, with Walter
eating pudding (although pretzels were the Guest Food). P&O are going out for drinks! "It's not a date, they're just going out for drinks." Mr. Cathy says. The mirror, when she lets her hair down, it's the first time I see she might be opening up for Peter. It's been a long enough mourn for John Scott.

"Should I get the door?"
"Absolutely not." Date!
Peter opens the door, says hey, she steps inside.
Her Face.
"Agent Dunham."
"I'll go get my coat"
"Agent Dunham."
Then we see Glimmering Peter. Oh man.
Great music!
"Agent Dunham, please don't tell him."

She's going out for drinks with him. Maybe she can pretend it's a contact lens? 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews 906239

Holy cow. Holy Gene!

2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe1351 2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe13822x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe13262x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe11282x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe11162x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews Av_fringe961
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2x14 "Jacksonville" - WFZ Reviews
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