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 2x19 'Brown Betty' Reviews

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PostSubject: 2x19 'Brown Betty' Reviews   2x19 'Brown Betty' Reviews Icon_minitimeWed May 05, 2010 4:42 pm

The first of a batch of reviews from various sources:


Quote :
'Brown Betty' is a decidedly Walter-centric episode. However, there is a large dose of Detective Olivia Dunham meets Conman Peter Bishop thrown in for good measure, as they are near and dear to Walter's heart. If you are one of those 'Fringe' fans who does not see the unresloved sexual tension(UST) between Peter and Olivia that has been there since the pilot and still think of them as a brother and sister unit, you are not going to like this episode. 'Brown Betty' is a garden party for Polivia shippers, but the supporting cast is well-represented as well.

2x19 'Brown Betty' Reviews Weirdoscifi
"A strong morality tale in between "Aahhhhhh, HELP!" moments."
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2x19 'Brown Betty' Reviews
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