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 Season 3 General Spoilers (#3)

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PostSubject: Re: Season 3 General Spoilers (#3)   Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:27 pm

Yes, I'm not the only one worried about that romance spoiler hint...

Quote :
Gustatevi queste piccole chicche subito dopo il salto!

- Nel flashback negli anni ’80 torneremo al periodo in cui Walter conduceva degli esperimenti su Olivia.
- Fauxlivia tornerà prima della fine della stagione.
- La storia fra Olivia e Peter (e Fauxlivia) non è finita. Avremo un assaggio di quello che succederà in futuro alla fine del decimo episodio, ma sarà questione veramente di un secondo e dovremo stare bene attenti: questo momento punta a quello che accadrà in futuro e legherà i due universi in un modo che non si era mai visto prima (vi prego, ditemi che non andremo ad impelagarci nel classico e scontato triangolo perchè non se ne può più).
- L’episodio quindici conterrà un flashback ambientato in entrambi gli universi.

Enjoy these little goodies after the jump!

- In the flashback to the '80s we return to the time when Walter experimented on Olivia.

- Fauxlivia will return before the end of the season.

- The story between Olivia and Peter (and Fauxlivia) is not over. We
will have a taste of what will happen in the future at the end of the
tenth episode, but it will just last a second and you have to watch it closely: it points to what will happen in the future and will bind
the two worlds in a way they had never been before (please, tell me you're not going to get involved in the classic and obvious triangle because it can't go on) (or, because it's too annoying: "fed up" is another translation.

- The fifteenth episode will feature a flashback set in both universes.


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PostSubject: Re: Season 3 General Spoilers (#3)   Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:05 pm

Quote :
"You're going to get your first hint about what it
means in the first episode back, at the very end. And if you blink
you'll miss it. It's something at the very, very end if the episode — a
little trigger — and it [points to] something that happens in the
future. It's going to link the universes in a way that they have never
been linked before."

what do you think they mean by link the universes in a way have never been linked before?? any guess?? or theory?? scratch
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Staring at Peter's MIT shirt

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PostSubject: Re: Season 3 General Spoilers (#3)   Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:11 pm

look at this!!!!!!!!!!