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 2x04 "Momentum Deferred" - Reviews

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PostSubject: 2x04 "Momentum Deferred" - Reviews   Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:01 pm



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PostSubject: Re: 2x04 "Momentum Deferred" - Reviews   Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:52 am

Nimoy Disappoints on Fringe, but John Noble and Joshua Jackson Save the Day

Quote :
It's difficult to be disappointed with a Fringe episode that features a load of payoff for two important plotlines, a great deal of Leonard Nimoy, and the introduction of a new Big Bad. Unfortunately "Momentum Deferred" lived up to its title just a little too well, with a lot of heavy
foreshadowing and some filling in of the blanks, but no huge surprises and a lackluster sendoff for one main character. Fortunately, the episode featured a Walter subplot that was unexpectedly romantic and affecting and may have given two growing characters their best series moments to-date.
. . .
Quote :
That leads to some of the best acting on the series for Noble and
Jackson. It is simply a joy to watch Walter straightening his hair and
awkwardly doing what in his mind has to be considered flirting. It is
also epic to watch Jackson's Peter emotionally nail it in these scenes.
It is clear Peter recognizes that Walter's past indiscretion may have
entailed a betrayal of his mother. Peter is, after all, the most
perceptive character on the show and (as Olivia has said) the only one
who speaks "Walter". He quickly puts the pieces together.

more at the link.


"A strong morality tale in between "Aahhhhhh, HELP!" moments."
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2x04 "Momentum Deferred" - Reviews
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