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 Producers on Peter and Olivia: Destined for each other

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Seeing the man from the other side

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PostSubject: Producers on Peter and Olivia: Destined for each other   Sat Feb 19, 2011 2:29 am

Most reassuring! Pinkner still doesn't get WHY we hate what he's doing to Olivia (and Peter) but they are beginning to see that we do hate fauxlivia and the baby thing.

Here's the most reassuring part, and the rest of the interview is good too; thanks to Fringe Italia for posting it, with a bit of translating I was able to search down where it was in English too.
Quote :
- L’episodio di stasera sarà una sorta di episodio di San Valentino in stile Fringe.
- Riguardo ai baci visti nei vari promo/sneak peek, i produttori
dicono che non sono poi questo grosso spoiler, perchè tutti noi sappiamo
che Olivia e Peter sono destinati l’uno all’altra.
(Tonight's episode will be a sort of Valentine's Day episode, Fringe-style.
- Regarding the kiss seen in the various promo / sneak peeks, the producers say they are not really that big of spoilers, because we all know that Olivia and Peter are destined for each other.
--tr: Elliot

Quote :
I was sent a Canadian promo which apparently gave away a lot. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but there was some kissing going on between the duo.
Interesting. Don’t trust things that come out of Canada. [everyone laughs]
JW: Okay, Jeff, that’s not fair.
JP: I didn’t say it’s a bad thing! I also said don’t trust Sam Weiss!
JW: You know what, though? You know what’s funny?
What’s funny?
No, we did not see those promos. But that’s not so much…you know that they’re destined for each other, right?
That seems to be the question of the show right now, isn’t it?
That’s right. So half the thing is are they [destined to be
together]? Can you circumvent destiny? Is that part of destiny itself
trying to circumvent it? It’s fun to see them relating on a level — and
what I hope that people are getting is that every time they come back
together, they’re on a whole new plateau of their relationship, like
most real relationships are, we think.
JP: The next two episodes are going to tell deep and
meaningful sides of the Olivia and Peter story. One in the present and
one in the past.
Nuovi spoiler dai produttori

Pinkman tease 6B


"A strong morality tale in between "Aahhhhhh, HELP!" moments."
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Producers on Peter and Olivia: Destined for each other
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